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Digital Interaction Tool

Powering Collaborative Impact

Howspace is the platform that organizations use to foster culture and reshape how work happens in order to align everyone for the greatest impact.

It's a scalable solution for collaboration and learning provides the platform for designed and guided collaboration journeys—for however people best work, wherever they are.

Howspace empowers consultants, facilitators, leaders, learning experts, and community managers to:

  • Put the worker at the center by leveraging fluid working methods and supportive tools for both synchronous and asynchronous work.

  • Incorporate an open, experimental learning approach (rather than focusing on the final destination) to create impact together.

  • Leverage technology to make sense of large-scale conversations across locations, cultures, and languages.



Leveraging Culture for Change

Change happens when an organization aligns around purpose, establishes clear priorities, and offers concrete steps toward achieving them. An organizational culture survey based on the Denison Model provides a clear picture of what your organization needs to do to achieve higher performance.

Through their research, Denison Consulting has identified four key drivers of high performance—mission, adaptability, involvement and consistency—that indicate where to focus. They’ve developed the Denison Culture Model that measures these four drivers reflected in four primary colours. Simply put, the more colour, the better the results.

Denison Consulting

Digital Interaction Tool

Facilitating Better Outcomes

Stormz is an example of a powerful and easy to use digital interaction platform that helps leaders make better quality decisions by quickly and effectively engaging the collective wisdom of stakeholders. The tool is designed to minimize the biases, barriers and dysfunctions typical to most organizations that get in the way of making quality decisions. We use Stormz to create structured decision activities that optimize stakeholder engagement and create the alignment needed to execute with confidence.   

For participants, the system is intuitive and easy to use – no training is required! The Stormz app is built for the most demanding and experienced facilitator but those same versatile features make it also perfect for new users. Facilitators of all levels can fine-tune their sessions and design every step to their needs.


Transparent Choice

Digital Interaction Tool

Making Better Decisions

TransparentChoice helps organizations measure and understand how their projects (live and potential) support their strategic goals. This leads to better decisions about projects and resources, decisions with stronger buy-in, helping them deliver more value from their portfolio.

TransparentChoice utilizes the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to structure your decisions based on group-derived criteria and weightings, and enables collaboration with geographically dispersed colleagues and assign tasks to people with specific expertise. This improves decision quality and buy-in.

Transparent Choice


Value Management

Delivering Strategic Outcomes

Amplify™ bridges the gap between strategic planning and execution ensuring that everything is in place to enable you to manage change well and to identify and react to threats and opportunities before they happen.

With features such as business goals and target setting, dependency maps, benefit, cost and schedule tracking, stage-gate workflows and approvals, and a suite of dashboard and reporting options, Amplify™ provides great value for money.

Wave goodbye to spreadsheets! Amplify is a SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH designed to ensure that project teams are fully aligned to realizing the benefits of delivering of the value of strategic projects.


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